Things You Should Never Say When You First Meet Her

It seems inevitable. You spend a few hours searching for comparisons of personals websites, then a few more finding someone that seems interesting enough to reach out to and at least take on a date. Then comes the actual meeting and your foot ends up in your mouth so quickly it seems like it’s always been there. We know the feeling. Thankfully, though, we also know how to get passed thing and on to the dates you should be enjoying. When it comes to getting the wording right or just trying to carry a conversation, sometimes the best thing to know is simply what to avoid. In fact, most guys tend to go into a date thinking they will just be themselves and run with it. We aren’t saying you have to pretend to be someone else, but not coming off as arrogant, self-centered, or completely detached from reality is a good place to start. Chances are, if you aren’t thinking about what you say before you say it that is exactly what is going to happen.

Anything to Do with Comparing Her Looks to Someone Else

“Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t”

This one might seem easy enough to avoid, but you would be surprised how many guys seem to think this doesn’t apply so long as it’s a compliment. The best thing to do is not make any comparisons at all. Yes, even to famous movie stars, singers, models, and what not. Not only is there a decent chance she may not even get the reference, but there’s also a good chance that if she does get it she won’t like it or will at least disagree. The thing is, if you are exaggerating, she’ll know it and will be watching your every word for the rest of the night. She will be trying to figure out if you are trying to get something from her if you use too much flattery or try to say she’s much prettier than she actually is. Women know how pretty they are. Don’t try to jump too many numbers from the first time you meet. This can be cute later in the relationship, but if you start complimenting her from the word go, she will never take it seriously.

“Make sure she knows who you are talking about”

Then, of course, there are some cases where she doesn’t know who you’re talking about, or don’t like the comparison. You just met. There is no real way to know enough about her to know what she will take as a compliment or who she has even heard of before. It’s a big world and we all have such small parts of it that expecting her to know all the same things you do is a little farfetched at best. You can’t expect the same sort of break down you would find in a profile page on to be available up front when you meet her in person. So do not expect her to know about the same celebrities or appreciate any comparisons you might make.

If you want to compliment her, tell her why you find her attractive. Start with something not overtly sexual. Especially if this is really a date and not just a hook up, you need to let her know you are into her not just getting into her pants. So compliment what she’s wearing. Tell her the color looks good on her. Talk about her hair and what you like about it. Did she do her makeup really well? Share a little about how it really makes you notice how pretty her eyes are. Just don’t tell her they remind you of someone else’s. It doesn’t matter if you say she reminds you of the most well-known model in the world. She doesn’t want to be someone else to you. She wants to be herself and be appreciated for that. So make it about her and not in comparison to anyone else and you’ll avoid having to double back to find another comparison of personals websites. If you want, you can check our comparison and read EstablishedMen hookup site review. Our excellent review can help you make a decision.

Anything about Your Sex Life or Your Ex

“Avoid the crazy ex conversation”

When it comes to the first date this is really the last thing you want to talk about. Not only does it cast you in a negative light for talking about something that either didn’t work out or something that just really isn’t appropriate discussion for two people who don’t know anything about each other, but you are also turning the conversation away from her and making it all about you. On top of that, talking about your Ex in particular is a giant red flag for most women. It either makes you sound like you aren’t over her yet, or that you don’t own up to your own problems in relationships. Every woman in the world has heard the story about their boyfriend’s crazy ex, and you know what most of them have learned by the end of it? A majority of the time, that crazy ex wasn’t crazy at all and that any guy that enters into a relationship talking about how insane his ex went is usually just giving them a heads up to get out while they still can.

The only time your sex life is worth discussing when you first meet someone is when you’re meeting them for a hook up. Then, it’s always a good idea to find out what each other has experience in and enjoys in the bedroom. When you talk about it on the first date, however, things get really awkward really fast and unless you want a quick trip back to a comparison of personals websites, its best not to even broach the topic. All it does is send warning flags that you just want to get laid, or, at the very least, that it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to right then. She will take it as you not being interested in her specifically and when it comes to dating in particular, you really need to rein it in until she shows some interest.

Negative Commentary on Anyone around You

“Be nice to the waiter”

This one often comes as a surprise to a lot of men, so if you often find yourself wondering why you can never get anyone to call back or agree to a second date, really review your previous conversations to see if this might be you. The fact of the matter is that negativity in general never leaves a good impression. When you’re trying to impress a woman well enough to see her again, negativity is definitely not the way to go. She wants to know about you and share a bit about herself. Perhaps you went to a venue and she wants to enjoy a show or performance as well. If you spend the whole time making jokes about how bad the performance is, putting down the food, or talking about how much better some other place is, she really won’t remember anything else you had to say or whether or not she was enjoying herself otherwise. We all focus on the negative, women included. So when you spend the entire night making negative commentary, even if it’s been sprinkled throughout, what you’re really doing giving her a negative opinion of you.

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3 Easy And Effective Time Management Tips

Proper time management is a very hard practice for most people. There are many books and articles about this topic but still people do not have the motivation and discipline to follow rules. There are several trainings and orientations aimed to help individuals to learn how to value time but despite all of these methods, they do not maintain the practice of proper time management after a while. This article will talk about three simple tips that will help individuals to manage their time better.

Plan your day in the morning

Planning your day is the first thing that you need to do in order to make your day run smoothly. Make it a daily habit to take 30 minutes of your time to fix yourself, 30 minutes to eat your breakfast and relax. Then start planning your day with the activities that you need to accomplish. Think about the things that you need to prioritize first. Keep in mind that a 30-minute planning every morning can save you three to four hours of work.

How is your morning, do you plan your day?

How is your morning, do you plan your day?

Write everything down on your notebook

It is important to write down the activities on a piece of paper. Most people use organizers to keep track of their schedules while some prefer to write their daily tasks on stick notes and place them somewhere they can see them all the time. The benefit of being able to easily see your to-do list is you will always be reminded of the tasks. You no longer have to memorize and you will eliminate the possibility of forgetting them.

Set your goals and priorities. Write your short term goals as well as your long term objectives. Include your daily and weekly activities as well as the time required for implementation. Give yourself enough time to decide which things are important.

Quick Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

Quick Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

Do not practice the habit of procrastination

Procrastination is the worst enemy for those who really want to manage their time well. If you delay the things you have to do, you will end up doing them still and you have to do them urgently.

When you decide to complete the task, make sure to devote all of your attention. Eliminate all forms of distractions to get the job done fast. Procrastination normally takes place when you get distracted, so it is advisable to stay focused on the task ahead.

Proper time management is being in control of your time and work. Every action you make takes time, so, learn how to manage time in order to improve your life. Time management is not really complicated. You don’t need a degree to be able to manage your time effectively. All you have to do is follow a few simple but effective tips. Develop self-discipline, determination, and other good habits for you to become more productive.

How to Nail your Performance Appraisal in a Job you Hate

Getting good grades in performance appraisals (PA) is a no brainer for those people who love their jobs. They can waltz right through their 8-5 daily routines and still get A’s in their PAs. But for people who hate their jobs, getting an average rating from the boss is an uphill climb, how much more the annual PAs. For these people, quitting is not an option. The country has yet to solve the unemployment crisis. So they are stuck with the job they don’t like and they need to survive. Here are three tips to not only survive it, but also to Ace it:

Keep Positive Attitude

It is definitely hard to be positive in an environment you hate; well you just have to suck it up, at least for a short period of time. As much as possible put aside your true feelings and grace a positive face, even if you have to fake it. Sometimes pretending you love what you do, will at least make you get through the day. Having a positive attitude in everything you do in your office will help especially during the peer evaluation. This will also be a plus during your superior’s evaluation. Being positive does not mean being a kiss-ass, it means that no matter how bad you feel inside and how bad people are around you, your respond with a smile. If you don’t feel like smiling, at least contort your muscle to give an almost genuine smile. It is going to pay off in the PAs eventually. You know that you don’t have the heart to do exceptionally good in your work, so you have to take advantage of this peer evaluation error called “the halo” effect. If you emit an overall positive attitude, your colleagues might respond in a likely manner to your advantage and rate you higher than you really deserve. In your boss’s eyes, you might even stand out among your equals who show their true emotions.

Why You Should Keep A Positive Attitude

Why You Should Keep A Positive Attitude

Vent it Out

Keeping a happy face will never be easy. Give yourself a break and create an anonymous twitter or facebook account and vent your stress there. This is psychologically helpful. By all means, do anything legal that can help you vent out your frustration. Don’t let your emotions control you. The goal is to keep your job and nail the PAs. Find a way that your emotions can be released without affecting your performance.

Do your assigned task

You don’t have to be really good; you just have to do what is expected. In the PAs, they will evaluate the most basic requirements for each worker. A consistent average worker usually fair better than a worker with inconsistent excellent performance. The key is to simply get the job done. But seeing you, a consistent doer of tasks with that consistent positive attitude at work will definitely improve your PA rates. You also have been smiling around that your colleagues won’t even mind if you get an A in your PAs or get promoted. And if all comes to your favor, your bosses might even use your self evaluation to really assess your strengths. Who knows? Pretty soon they may assign you to a position you really want.

Keys to Nailing Your Next Performance Review - On Careers (

Keys to Nailing Your Next Performance Review – On Careers (

3 Great Exercises for Pregnant Women

Exercise is very important for everyone and even for pregnant women. There are a lot of benefits an expecting mother can get by doing exercises during pregnancy. However, pregnant women should not get overly excited when doing exercises because getting too fatigued can be detrimental to them and their babies. Before doing any exercises, a pregnant woman should check with her obstetrician and get guidelines. The main purpose of exercise is to keep them fit and make delivery easier. Here are 3 great exercises for pregnant women.

1. Walking around the neighborhood

One of the exercises that a pregnant woman can easily do is walking. It does not require too much effort from the soon-to-be mom. It keeps the woman fit without putting too much strain on the knees and feet. It is a great cardiovascular exercise that will give a woman more strength in preparation for delivery. Also, there is no special equipment needed when doing this exercise. It can be done for the entire nine months of pregnancy.

3 Great Prenatal Yoga Exercises

3 Great Prenatal Yoga Exercises

2. Stretching exercises

Another easy-to-do exercise for an expecting mother is stretching. It keeps the body warm and relaxed. It is also a good exercise to prevent development of muscle strain. There are several stretching exercises that can be done during pregnancy. Target areas of these routines are the neck, shoulders, upper arms, thighs, legs and ankles. Mostly a pregnant woman can do simple rotations on these areas as means of stretching. These exercises are also wonderful to do in combination with cardio exercises.

How to Look and Feel Great While Pregnant

How to Look and Feel Great While Pregnant

3. Develop the muscles of the uterus, bladder and bowels

Kegel’s exercise is known to be the best exercise for women who are expecting a child. It helps strengthen and tone the muscles of the bladder, uterus and bowels. These are critical muscle areas that are used during delivery. It gives the pregnant woman the ability to control these muscles and will enable her to relax and contract these support muscles during labor and child birth. Also, it can help promote the healing of perineal tissues after delivery. This is easily done and can be done anywhere. All a woman needs to do is to try to imagine holding urine flow without moving the abdominal, leg and butt muscles. Contract and hold the muscles for a few seconds and then relax. This can be done 5 times a day.

Pregnancy is not a valid reason not to engage in exercises. With proper planning and consultation with the doctor, any pregnant woman can perform certain exercises. However, she should not overdo it. There should be limits when doing exercises during pregnancy. After all, the goal is to prepare her for delivery without affecting the health of the baby in her tummy.

3 Great Ways to Spend Your Summer Date

Summer is great time to spend a date outdoors and it’s the perfect time to break away from standards such as eating at a fancy restaurant, or meeting up for a cup of coffee. Not only are those dates expensive – they’re intoxicating. How long have you stuck with these standards? Hmm? Don’t worry. Here are 3 date ideas that will guarantee a fun time and romantic tune this summer:

  1. Hit the Beach

Summer will never be complete without a visit to the beach. Taking a swim at the beach with a date sounds lovely, but really – just that? We’re done with these and so are other couples. To turn things romantic, try heading to the beach at sunset and have a picnic. Take pictures of yourselves with the sunset as your backdrop. Play games like truth or dare and put on some groovy tunes to go with it.

Fun Date Ideas For Summer

Fun Date Ideas For Summer

When the beautiful night sky has fallen, take your shoes off and go walking on the shoreline. Compliment your date and talk about your common interests while holding his or her hand. Share good memories about your childhood, your family, or good memories at the beach.

  1. Visit Theme Parks

This can be quite a handful for a first date, but if you play your cards right, you just might pull this off and guarantee a great time. The fun and colorful atmosphere of theme parks is fun and exciting and helps take the pressure off you. Try winning her a teddy bear by knocking those bottles down or challenge your man to a shooting game. The climax of the night should be the roller coaster or any exhilarating ride. Watch your date as she or he screams her head off or even hold on to you tight in excitement while you escalate physically into the relationship.



Not only will the date build great memories, but you’ll both be feeling like kids again bringing out a blissful spirit that’ll make your date feel comfortable around you. Your date will have so much fun; he or she will want to come back again, with you of course.

  1. Head to the Park

The outdoors is beautiful – the smell of trees and beautiful sky adds up to the relaxing atmosphere that the outdoors bring. Picnics are great ways to spend the afternoon at the park and it has never failed. Bring sandwiches and maybe a bottle of wine even. If you’re both active, a Frisbee wouldn’t hurt. This type of date is great, it’s cheap, it’s relaxing and it really feels great to just go strolling side by side hand to hand and seeing the beautiful scenery.

With summer, date ideas are endless. Try visiting the boardwalk if beaches aren’t your thing. There are a lot of good entertainment and good food there. For first-time daters, this list surely deserves the top-billing. So what are you waiting for? Plan your summer date now!

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